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Chic Chic's prom night pt 2 by PurpleRAGE9205 Chic Chic's prom night pt 2 :iconpurplerage9205:PurpleRAGE9205 144 70 Valentine's Day adopts 3 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Valentine's Day adopts 3 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 338 52
Human!FNAF X Neglected, Bullied, and Abused!Reader
School's been a sore topic for me ever since I was a child. Back then, my family had struggled to find a job to afford rent. Dad did odd jobs, barely racking up enough.
Kids would tease and bully me for being poor. I used to cry to Mom about how unfair life was. Dad started becoming more determined to get a stable job and show everyone that he could do something right.
Dad worked hours upon hours, designing something. Mom wouldn't let us in the basement. Finally, he was done. His machine was very promising and he decided to get some investors. It took off and sales flew through the roof. We moved out of our tiny apartment and moved into a mansion.
Dad started having meetings more and more as the years went by. Mom is a famous defense attorney. She's involved in many high-profile cases around the country. Mom started working long late hours at the firm. Maids started taking care of us. They were all in it for the money. Some even liked Dad.
Dad started having lipstick marks that were a
:iconcrossfiremisty85:CrossfireMisty85 5 3
Human!FNAF X Neglected, Bullied, and Abused!Reader
Human!FNAF X Neglected and Bullied!Reader
This fic will have lots of language, potential violence, mentions of neglect, bullying, abuse, and suicide. Turn your back now if you can't handle mature themes like these.
(h/l) = hair length
(h/c) = hair color
(y/n) = your name
"Happy birthday to you, birthday girl. Do you have a wish," a light blue eyed animatronic bear with a black bow tie and a black top hat asked.
"Yes. But it's a secret," a little girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair said.
"You can tell me anything."
"Sorry, Freddy. I can't tell you."
"Why can't you tell me?"
"Because I can't."
"I can't."
Going back and forward with Freddy cause a tickling war, ending with both of you laughing.
"You have defeated me, young girl. You are bright at this age."
"You make me laugh all the time. You're such a great friend to have."
She launched herself onto Freddy, hugging him tightly.
"You're going to be always there for me through thick and thin, right?"
"Anything for yo
:iconcrossfiremisty85:CrossfireMisty85 7 0
Stay With Us-Bonnie x Homeless!Abused!Child!Reader
It's been a long time since I left home. Mom and Dad didn't seem to like me and they forced myself to be kicked out or they would threaten to beat me really bad.
Mom was the one that had a problem with her medicine. She purposely overdosed and had an anger issue and couldn't control herself. Her and I had a strong relationship between each other, but since the drugs came in her life, our relationship had faded.
Dad was the person who already hated me without having something affecting him to be like that towards me. He would always yell at me and force me to do stuff for him or he'll threaten to kill me. I'd always cry and do what he said. I think it was better to survive rather than to be killed.
Since I've been kicked out, I had nowhere to go. I've been wandering the streets, trying to search for a place to stay. Maybe if someone out there is looking for their own child, I would really like that.
I even don't know what love feels like. I've been abused since I was a toddler and aroun
:iconerihamster2:erihamster2 26 3
FNaF4 and bullied reader - My turn
FNaF nightmares and bullied reader - My turn. (part 2 of happy birthday)
(F/N)’s P.O.V
   It has been 6 years from the day I’ve left my home. It felt really good to have a normal life, a life that is perfect. Today is the start of a summer holiday and I was jus hanging out with my nightmare animatronic friends.They are actually very fun to live with. Sometimes we have a great parties, other times when I’m sad and feeling depressed, they come to me to have friendly chats. You will not believe me, but there were times when my friends were lonely and sad, so I come to cheer them up and keep them company. But there was a night that i won’t forget. The night was dark and long. I was in the kitchen with N. Chica helping her with the pizzas. At that time i hear a loud crash. We both flinched and turned our heads to the direction of the sound. “I’ll go and check it out” I said. “Be carefull, (F/N).” I just nodded my head and left.
:iconworms321:worms321 1 0
FNaF4 x bullied reader - Happy birthday!
(F/N) - first name.
Reader’s P.O.V
       Depression… Suicidal thoughts… Bullies… All those things are my nightmares. But my worst fear is those nightmarish looking animatronics. They’vd been stalking me for about 10 months. Each night and day is a tortune me. I’ve always getting bullied at school. I would get a punch, a smack and loads of cruel words. It was beggining to go deeper in my heart. Even my parients don’t care. They just beat me up even more and cut my skin. The best time for me is being alone. But one night things have changed. I made a friend. That night I was sitting on my bed, thinking about all I’ve suffered through when I felt bloody tears on my eye. I only had one eye, because I cut the other off and always wear a blanket to cover up my eye. At that time Ididn’t know that nightmare Bonnie came in my room. At first he was thirsty of my blood, but the feeling faded away when
:iconworms321:worms321 3 2
N.Freddy and abused child reader - a great dance
(S/N) - Song name
(F/G) - Favourite game
                     Nightmare freddy and abused child reader - a great dance
Reader’s P.O.V
   All these years… all these bloody years I was constantly bullied at school and home. I just can’t even get home withought tons of bruises, cuts and punches in stomack. Today was the same - cruel words, slaps in the face, constant beatings at school. When the cshool finally ended today, I rushed home as fast as I could. One thing surprised mewhen I got home. I found a note on the kitchen table. It said: “We won’t be back tonight until 8 o’clock in the morning. Don’t mess up the house. Mom and dad” I growled “It’s like you don’t care about me.” I then ate the lunch. “ At least for one day I won’t get any beating from them” I thought loudly. Little did I know that someone was watching me.
:iconworms321:worms321 2 3
FNaF - Freddy X male bullied abused reader
FNAF - Freddy x male abused negative reader
reader’s P.O.V
“Attention whore!”
“Worthless piece of trash!”
“Look at him. He’s so ugly!”
“Just die already!”
These were the worlds that I hear every day in the school. I try to avoid them, but instead I get a punch in my face and stomack. This had been going for 10 years now. Everytime I’m at school, I get even deepier abuses. Because of that, I’m always negative and suicidal. I tried to talk to my parients, but everytime I mention it, I get get a slap in my face and more cruel words. And did I mention that the bullying is all because I’m better musician than others are. I can’t take it anymore. I’m so done with this bullshit. Because of them I don’t have a peaceful minute to relax. And oh, just to say, I even started cutting myself, spetially arms with a knife. I even cut one of my eyes, so I have to be with something on it. My whole body
:iconworms321:worms321 15 6
Wand adopts 2 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Wand adopts 2 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 476 71
Beautiful - Bonnie x Bullied!Reader (FNaF) [RQ]
You sighed as you walked down the hallways at your school. Insults were thrown at you, left and right. Mostly from the peppy cheerleader-type girls who fangirled over the newest boy band. You didn't want to think about them. You ran off to your next class and prayed you wouldn't have to deal with those people again today.
Well, your prayers must have gotten lost in the mail or something. They followed you around school, commenting on everything you did. You hated it. You tried to shake them off, but they'd always sniff you out (figuratively) and badger you.
After the hundredth name they called you, you had had enough. You ran up to the leader and sucker-punched the heavy makeup off her ugly face. Literally. You had some sort of glittery lip gloss coating your knuckles. "Oh, you are so in for it now." She spat. The entire mob of girls tried to chase after you, but began to complain about how they couldn't run in their designer heels. You giggled and continued to run u
:iconnyangirshadow:NyanGirShadow 232 75
Mature content
ANOTHER Springtrap x Golden Freddy Smut :iconrunboy225:runboy225 59 19


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To everyone: tomorrow is my birthday and I'm happy to be here and I love to be here but can everyone please make my birthday special please,ok bye

P.s if you're a YouTuber then send me a video
To everyone: tomorrow is my birthday and I'm happy to be here and I love to be here but can everyone please make my birthday special please,ok bye

P.s if you're a YouTuber then send me a video


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